Are you your own worst enemy when you compete? Do fears, doubts or negative thinking get in your way? Do you perform better in practice than in competition?

Get Your Mind and Body Working Together to Achieve Peak Performance

Calla, 12 year old gymnast, NY

Calla, 12 year old gymnast, NY

One-on-One Peak Performance Sessions

Virtual sessions conducted via Zoom/Skype/Facetime. In person sessions held in Belchertown MA.

Get to the root of your problem and back on track.

Learn tools and techniques to overcome your blocks and fear

Get the extra edge you NEED to become a champion

Do not leave this all important part of your sport to CHANCE!


Can you or your athlete answer YES to any of these questions?

  • Do you perform better in practice than competition?

  • Have you lost skills that you've had for years?

  • Are you easily psyched out or intimidated?

  • Do negative thinking and self doubts tie you up in knots?

  • Does your concentration abandon you, just when you need it the most?

  • Does fear paralyze you and prevent you from performing to your potential?

  • Are you injured and want to make the most of you "forced" down time?


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What will you learn? MENTAL TOUGHNESS!

  • Recognize and avoid common mental traps

  • Effectively handle and master performance fears

  • Tune down your nervous system

  • Master last minute negative thinking and self doubts

  • Quickly rebound from mistakes, bad calls, errors, and tough breaks

  • Develop confidence building strategies

  • Stay calm the nights before and day of the big competition

  • Concentrate on what's important and let go of everything else

  • Better handle competitive pressure

  • Use mental rehearsal to enhance performance

  • Maintain winning motivation

  • Use goal setting correctly to lift the level of your training

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