Parent and Coach Consultation Sessions

Sara is a priceless addition to our staff. She has helped both gymnasts and staff to understand the biological reasons for the blocks that occur within athletics. Her work at Hampshire Gymnastics has allowed girls to work through their fears on various beam and floor skills. She has also been instrumental in helping our girls recognize and diffuse the nervousness and anxiety that can creep up during competitions. They have found more confidence and joy in gym and at meets!
— Elizabeth, Coach-Hampshire Gymnastics School, Amherst, MA

Do you get frustrated when your athlete struggles mentally or are suddenly unable to perform a skill they had been doing for months? Do you wish you had the skills and tools as a coach or parent to best help them navigate upsetting blocks, fears or slumps?


Consultation with Sara: Support your Athletes' SUCCESS

Reach out today and find out how you can gain additional tools and strategies for your coaching and parenting tool box.

Thank you so much for your follow up! The fact that [my daughter] is now trying new dives, is proudly wearing her bruises, and hasn’t had a single anxiety attack cannot be a coincidence. Thank you so much for working with her. I truly believe the tools she learns with you will help her succeed not only in diving, but in life as well.
— Parent of 17 year old diver, CA

One-on-One Consultation Sessions for Coaches and Parents

In-person or online individual consultation sessions. 

One-on-One Coach Consultation-

Reach out today and find out how you can gain additional tools and strategies for your coaching or parenting tool box with one-on-one consultation sessions. Problem solve individual athlete concerns, parent communication dynamics, learn how to let go of triggers and frustrations and uncover a new ease and efficiency with your coaching or parenting style. 

See better results with your athletes. Expand YOUR awareness and IMPROVE their performance.

One-on-One Gym Owner/Club Owner/Head Coach Consultation

Are you overwhelmed negotiating the complicated dynamics of managing coaching staff and parent communication? Are your coaches struggling to hear and/or implement your feedback?  Are you dealing with a complicated situation with your team or club that you could use a second opinion on and a fresh perspective? 

Connect with Sara to find out how you can find more ease into your overall communication and get the results you want from your staff. Problem solve staffing concerns, parent issues, athlete-parent-coach dynamics, communication and more.

Supported staff=happy athletes=satisfied parents. 

Coaches Small Group Consultation Sessions

In-person or online group consultation. Get the mental toughness tools and techniques for your whole coaching staff. Problem solve complicated parent/athlete dynamics. 

Do you struggle to know what to say when your athlete is frustrated or upset about a performance issue? Do you feel like your responses are not landing? Do you ever feel stuck and wish you could be doing something more to help?

Do you find YOU are frustrated or confused by your athlete's block? Do you wish you could respond differently but keep saying the same old stuff?

Sara is an expert in her field! The progress we’ve seen in our gymnasts is absolutely amazing! We have a few gymnasts with fear issues, and since using Sara’s strategies and techniques, their progress has been phenomenal. We’ve seen great improvements in confidence not only in the gym but during the meets too. Sara is the “missing link” in our program that is making everything gel together...not just with the athletes, but the coaches too.
— Tayla, Owner- Hampshire Gymnastics School, Amherst, MA

See better results with your athletes. Expand YOUR awareness and IMPROVE their performance. Reach out to Sara today.

Thank you for all your work with [my daughter]. We are so happy that she is working with you. We can see a change in her for sure. It really helps, and I know this will be a lasting relationship with our family. We really think you are great. We are so happy to have found you.
— Parent of 12 year old gymnast, NY