Sara, I have exciting news – she did her beam series with NO SPOT at the meet and scored a 9.2 (second place). She also won the all-around. More importantly, she looked as cool and calm as can be. Other people from the gym are noticing the change in her and I already have had one referral for you.Thanks for everything and I look to contact you again in the future as needed. You really have something that works.
— Mother of 9 year old gymnast, WV
Dear Sara, Thank you for helping me to become a better diver. Thank you also for the tools that you gave me to help overcome some of my scariest dives. I now can do inward flip, handstand off the 5 meter platform along with inward dive, back dive, and one and a half on the five meter. I really appreciate what you helped me with! 
— L.D 12 year old Diver, CA
Thank you so much for your follow up! The fact that [my daughter] is now trying new dives, is proudly wearing her bruises, and hasn’t had a single anxiety attack cannot be a coincidence. Thank you so much for working with her. I truly believe the tools she learns with you will help her succeed not only in diving, but in life as well.
— Parent of 17 year old diver, CA
My 11-year-old gymnast started having some serious fear issues on the beam and bars and it was really holding her back from progressing to the next level.  Not only that, she seemed to start losing confidence in herself even doing the events she loved!  She did not seem to be enjoying her time in the gym and made less and less effort with each passing day. 

She starting seeing Sara and began utilizing the tools Sara gave her. It was incredible to watch her start to blossom again!  She gradually began making strides in her “fear” areas and started to really enjoy her time in the gym again.  At her first meet of the season she was extremely confident and executed every “scary” move without hesitation.  She has learned how to be in tune with her body and how to recognize anxiety and how to quiet it down.  That is a pretty incredible skill to have, not only in the gym, but in all aspects of life!
— Julie, parent of 11 year old gymnast, MA
Thank you for all your work with [my daughter]. We are so happy that she is working with you. We can see a change in her for sure. It really helps, and I know this will be a lasting relationship with our family. We really think you are great. We are so happy to have found you.
— Parent of 12 year old gymnast, NY
My daughter had been struggling with a mental block in gymnastics for years when we discovered Sara. The growth we have seen in so many different ways has been huge and life changing. Sara was able to get my shy quiet daughter out of her shell to engage and open up and peel back the layers to figure out the different reasons she was having anxiety and getting stuck. She goes to practice now free of worry and excited and comes home happy and eager to share. Sara has been able to get her to focus on the positive in each situation. Going to meets she now is excited and doesn’t stress herself out. Her entire demeanor at meets has changed for the better which also has reflected in how she has done. She has learned to be a better coach to herself and not get frustrated when things aren’t going the way she wants. She has done skills she hasn’t done in ages and gained plenty of new skills. We have seen her able to use these new tools in other areas of life as well. She has become so incredibly intune with her body sensations as well. The best part is seeing her having fun again at the sport she loves so dearly and having her be able to recognize and be proud of all her success big and small.
— Sasha, parent of 11 year old gymnast, NY
Even though I love riding and showjumping, I came to a point where I dreaded competitions and could only wish them over. This resulted many times in mistakes and freeze ups during my rounds. Working with Sara through solid mental techniques and new understandings, I was able to learn to be in the moment and unlock the riding skills I had during high pressure moments. Now, even with bigger competitions, I’m able to focus my energy on the things I should and, more importantly, immensely enjoy what I am doing.
— J.S, 25 year old Equestrian Showjumper, Philippines
Sara, I have good news for you. We are the champion of the French League 2017/2018. I overcame my problems and I was able to help the team a lot. The most important part was that I am healthy, playing well and leading the team again. My confidence is back. You are part of my victory, this medal and trophy is also yours. Thank you for everything.
— Daniel Maciel, Professional Volleyball Player, France